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Basic Information
Name: Ishijima Udeji [powerfull wall]
Age: 4602 (Appears to be in his fifties)
Gender: Male
Division: 1st division
Rank: Captain commander

Ishijima Udeji  the captain commander Commission___h__tsuribakki_by_geofffffff-d3eswdg
Udeji is one of those rare Shinigami whose spiritual power manifested itself through their physical stature, causing them to grow to tremendous size - the four gate guardians of the Seireitei are examples of this phenomenon. He managed to control it as he got older though. As such, his current height and weight are an astounding 25 feet (7.6 meter) and 4000 pounds (1814 kg) respectively. His large, abnormally square head is completely shaven in the fashion of a real world monk. A black tribal tattoo snakes diagonally around his bare cranium, tapering off before reaching his face and his powerful chin. The only hair on his body are his eyebrows, which are a dark brown. His eyes are a dull gray. Udeji's ears, as large as they are naturally, have had lobe extensions using hundred pound weights. The final result has lowered and thickened his ear lobes to the point where they rest on his shoulders like those of a real-world elephant. The weights are still attached, mimicking square earrings. They can be thrown with a force capable of bifurcating a building.

As the Captain-Commander, Udeji wears the traditional haori of his class, although his colossal size has demanded that modifications be done to the original dimensions of the uniform to ensure his comfort and mobility. The entire outfit has been made to provide massive amounts of extra cloth, even for the giant Udeji. There is so much excess in the tailoring that when the Captain-Commander sits in meditation his uniform sags over his form like an over-sized blanket. Only his head is visible so long as he is in this position. Should he stand up - something he rarely does for it would break his meditations - the extra cloth on the arms can be pinned up against his shoulders to allow room for his hulking form. His legs, meanwhile, continue to be hidden in the baggy uniform. Wherever the giant Tsuribakki walks a sea of white and black cloth follows.

His Zanpakuto, takes the form of an awkwardly wide, snub-nosed blade the size of an average Shinigami. He keeps the weapon wrapped in white cloth.

Personality: His personality is very calm and collected and his virtue of choice is peace. He would however if required enter the battlefield something that have only happend 2 times before in soul societies history.

History: Little is known about him more than that he one day appeard at the academy asking if he could become a shinigami the preversious CC took an intresst in the child and taught Udeji himself to become hes sucsessor.

Abilities despite his pacifistic nature, Udeji is considered a grandmaster of both Zanjutsu and Hakudo. Before he took a vow of peace, he used his immense size and titan-like strength to pummel the strongest enemies of Soul Society into dust, absorbing their powerful attacks in his Reiatsu-enhanced layer of pure muscle as if they were nothing; he was the Kenpachi. Since his ascension to the rank of Captain-Commander, Udeji has taken to the mystical arts of Kido, as well. While his skills cannot match those who have devoted their lives to the art, they are extremely formidable thanks to his incredible intelligence and the keen control of his Reiatsu. He is capable of performing all but the most powerful techniques, many of which while using Eishohaki. The various arts of Hoho have left him somewhat behind some of the other Captains, however. His enormous size doesn't allow for the quicker movements that Hoho demands if one wishes to master it. Despite the disadvantages of his bulk, Udeji is capable of Shunpo far beyond what most would consider possible for a being of his proportions.

Captain-Commander Udeji's Reiatsu is immense. His spiritual power is so staggering that, should he release it, anyone under Captain-level in the immediate area finds that they're completely unable to hold their ground. Many flee out of terror while others are continually pushed away by a rapidly advancing invisible wall. Captain-level opponents are often able to overcome this effect, although they immediately understand what they're up against. The wall may not push them away, but the force and inkling to leave are still palpable. A unique technique Udeji has developed allows him to point his giant finger at weaker opponents, causing his invisible Reiatsu to push with unbelievable force in a straight line and launch them at hundreds of miles per hour. This ability is rarely used due to Udeji's peaceful nature, but it was developed in case such neutrality should be strained.

Sōgetsu no Saya ( Sheath of Sōgetsu ) Sōgetsu's sheath can deflect or resist spiritual energy attacks with the barrier used to contain Sōgetsu's power. However, it can only withstand a limited number of attacks. The sheath is capable of resisting any amount of offensive force; however, if that force is used continuously then the sheath will crack. This is why it is able to hold off a Bankai on it's own, if the attack is only unleashed once or twice , but can't hold off kidō if casted constantly one after another. The sheath can also summon Sōgetsu to itself

Zanpokuto Information
Name Sōgetsu (Grass Moon)
Sealed state appearance: See picture
Udeji's unreleased Zanpakuto is about the size of an average Shinigami. The blade of the large weapon is roughly three feet wide and six feet long, making it incredibly snub-nosed and awkwardly blunt. The black and gray handle is the same length as the blade. It's just long enough to be properly wielded by Udeji's titanic hand. The hand-guard takes the form of a black rectangle that matches the dimensions of the blade. Unlike most Zanpakuto, Udeji's unreleased form doesn't have a sheathe. Udeji keeps the weapon wrapped tightly in strips of white cloth; a covering which he can hold loosely when walking from place to place.or he simply carries it on his back
inner world: Ishijima Udeji  the captain commander Lake
Zanpokuto spirit appearance: Ishijima Udeji  the captain commander Animecherry
Banai and Shiakai: Have obtained both shikai and bankai. However only his shikai have been shown so far

Shikai information
Shikai release phrase: mezameru (Awaken)
Shikai appearance: Ishijima Udeji  the captain commander Sword
Shikai abilities: The main ability of his zanpakuto allows Udeji to absorb into his blade, spiritual energy from the surrounding area, from an opponent’s attack, or from within his own reserves, then convert and release it into forms of highly condensed spiritual energy capable of producing various green-colored energy based techniques. But as stated by Udeji it isn’t as simple as that, as it requires a much greater understanding of how the ability works and also of spiritual energy. Udeji compares Sogetsu's ability to that of the real moon, how the sun actually strikes its own light on portions of the moon's surface and how the moon emits the sunlight from those portions of its surface into the form of moonlight directing it back towards the earth.
One of the more prominent ability of his zanpakuto is that it can absorb energy based attacks or certain techniques, from others by crossing blade with another or by just simply absorbing an attack or technique. For this ability to work he must at times have physical contact with an opponent’s blade or at least allow his zanpakuto absorb an opponent’s spiritual based technique. After absorbing an opponent’s ability he is able to replicate it and after understanding how the ability works he is able to use it without much difficulty, but there is a certain requirement, he must know or learn the name of the zanpakuto from which he acquired the original ability. Due to his intellect and innate understanding of how various shingami abilities work, his ability to analyzing spiritual particles and the structure of an attack, he can replicate the ability acquired without special education or training. He is able to absorb zanpakuto’s that have kido based abilities or those that possess certain elemental type ability, he is even able to replicate abilities of illusion type zanpakuto and poison type zanpakuto. He can replicate the abilities of only one zanpakuto at a time. Due to the unique nature of his zanpakuto, Sogetsu is one of the most versatile zanpakuto in soul society, capable of using a wide range of abilities.

Sougetsu's Abilities: In addition to the absorbed abilities his Doll Sougetsu also possesses abilities of its own. Sougetsu is capable of producing various green-colored energy techniques. Kirei can perform five abilities of Sougetsu's with numbers from one to five that corresponds to its different abilities.

Name: Sōgetsu Sōkyoku Daiichi no - Kōkyō Hakai (交響破壊草月奏曲第一の, Grass Moon Sonata Number One - Symphony of Destruction):
Description: This technique is one of Sogetsu's offensive ability. From within the blade or from his hands Udeji is able to fire concentrated blasts of green-colored energy. The energy blasts are quite destructive and he is able to control them with great efficiency, and can even change the size, shape, and force of them. And can easily cancel out Cero and Bala blasts from an Espada-Level arrancar by striking it head-on with this attack.

Name: Sōgetsu Sōkyoku Ban no - Seiiki (交響破壊草月奏曲第一の, Grass Moon Sonata Number Two - Sanctuary):
Description: This technique is one of Sogetsu's defensive ability. It creates a energy barrier or shield made up of spiritual energy, it takes the forms of a large octagonal-shaped disk and can be formed from any side of the body front or back. It is quite a powerful barrier which can protect almost any part of the body and it will form itself whenever an attack almost reaches Udeji in order to protect him. The barrier is strong enough to easily block a direct punch from the strong espada level arrancars

Name: Sōgetsu Sōkyoku Sū san no - Kijo (草月奏曲数三鬼女, Grass Moon Sonata Number Three - The Siren):
Description: This technique condenses the energy into the form of multiple green colored tangible ropes, emanating from the blade or Udeji hands that can be subsequently used or manipulated in order to bind and ensnare an opponent, this restrict an opponent’s movements completely. Once the opponent is sufficiently captured or subdued the ropes begin to glow as well as grow in size this means an opponent's reiatsu is being absorbed. The large spiritual ropes will completely take down an opponent and the absorbed reiatsu can be used to heal wounds and revitalize Udeji's reiatsu or can be turned against the opponent, either seriously injuring them or killing them in the process. It is of course ways of cancel this attack out and break free for a stronger opponent.

Name: Sōgetsu Sōkyoku Bangō yon - Shīku Hakai (草月奏曲番号四シークと破壊, Grass Moon Sonata Number Four - Seek & Destroy):
Description: This technique allows Udeji to slash enemies without actually making direct contact with them, the ability works by firing microscopic needles or senbons made up of concentrated spiritual energy at the enemy that pierces through the opponent's skin and attacks the body on a cellular level. Because they are so small they are almost impossible to see with the naked eye and when the technique is used it doesn't attack the opponent’s body on the outside but causes severe damage internally. Initially Udeji fired the needles from the tip of his zanpakuto which was capable of disposing many lower level hollows, but he later develops a stronger variation of the technique, which composed of a massive wave of blue spiritual energy that could be used in a much more effective way. The small needles that are fired sever the nerve channels inside the body, leaving the target unable to move after being struck by the attack. This technique is best used to incapacitate a large group of enemies.

Name: Sōgetsu Sōkyoku Bangō go - Gin Kiri (草月奏曲番号五ー急死, Grass Moon Sonata Number Five 銀霧, Silver-Mist):
Description: This ability allows Udeji to create simple and complex illusion. Udeji is able to create a sort of silver mist, if an opponent comes into contact with this mist in anyway, be it by inhaling or simply touching the opponent’s skin, it directly affects the opponent’s nervous system, allowing him to control their perception of reality. By channeling his spiritual energy into the mist, Udeji is able to distort the target's perception, effectively making a person's five senses unable to properly register what is happening. For example by effecting his enemies site he can make it look like they hit him when in reality the attack hitted 5 cm from him. He can also not use any of his other abilities while using this one and have to rely on his sword combat skills

Bankai information
Bankai appearance: Not shown yet
Bankai abilities:

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