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Exile, the second division captain Empty Exile, the second division captain

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Basic Information
Name: Exile
Age: 331 (Actual) 17 (appearing)
Gender: Male
Desired Division: 2nd Division
Desired Rank: Captain
Appearance: Exile has long white hair that reaches down his to the bottom of his back. He has birght violet eyes and he wears black military pants and black combat boots when in the world of the living. He has a tattoo of the division 2 on his chest and a tattoo of a dragon spiralling up his arms. When elsewhere and in the seireitei or in the world of the living for a short time he wear his shinigami uniform. (Here's what he looks like in general:
Exile, the second division captain Anime_earth_warrior
Personality: Exile is kind and caring though he doesn't show it. Most of the time he is cold and calculating while also critical. He holds a deep hatred for the hollows and seems cruel at times.
History: Exile was born as Kono Hijimaru in the mortal world. He lived for eleven years with his family. His life was mostly dull and boring until around his death. At that time he was playing with his friends until suddenly they were killed by a mass murdering psycopath of their time. Afterwards they rose as spirits.

As plus they played pranks though they soon grew lonely. One by one they turned into hollows and soon preyed on others. One of them found Kono but a Shinigami found him just in time and purified the hollow after a long and bloody fight. Before perishing though the Shinigami sent Kono to the seireitei. There Kono walked around as people seemed to not want him and not care for him.

Once in the Seireitei Kono lived as a small unnoticed person for a few years. He was looked down upon and seemed hated for a reason that he did not know. He grew cold from the mistreatment and seemed dark and moody most of the time until he joined the Shinigami academy. He spent years studying at the academy and graduated a bit earlier than the others due to his skill and prowess. He soon was assigned to the second division and he spent years working in it.

Over the years he trained diligently in the stealth force and as a member of the second division. He soon became a skilled assassin as he rose through the ranks and discovered his shikai. He was sent on multiple assignments and missions. He was successful and eventually discovered his bankai. He soon surpassed the captain of the second division and became the new captain. He is currently in the seireitei as he rests and prepares for anything and everything.

Zanpokuto Information
Name: Shikyo Kazahana
Sealed state appearance: It looks like a regular Katana though its sheath and handle are white.
Zanpokuto spirit appearance:
Exile, the second division captain Anime-neko-boys-215825
Banai and Shikai: Shikai and Bankai

Shikai information
Shikai release phrase: "Execute, Shikyo Kazahana."
Shikai appearance:
Exile, the second division captain TS-OAR5_540
Shikai abilities:
Dark dot: A small scale void that drains objects and people into it within for a a two feet radius. It harms them and somewhat plays on their fears.
Shadow Hand: Temporarily turns the user and allies invisible for a short amount of time. (two posts)
Darkness gaurd: A small sheild of darkness that protects against basic attack and only light based special attacks.

Bankai information
Bankai release phrase: "Show your true self and embrace death, Kogotetsu Shikyo Kazahana."
Bankai appearance:
Exile, the second division captain Deaths-razor-sml
He also wears the amor but not the helmet of this image:
Exile, the second division captain 918890_20040421_screen005
(These images are owned and copyrighted by the video game Jade Empire and its creators.)Bankai abilities: Death's Rage: As more oppenants fall the user gains more defensive power and speed. As allies falll in combat the user gains strength and more power in their attacks.
Death's Grace: Summons a small but feral wolf that carries a sword to aid its user.
Death's entrance to tartaras: A attack that creates a five foot void and has the same effect as Dark Dot but kills weaker enemies.
Death's hand: The Bankai's ultimate attack, it creates clones and increases the speed of the user to an extreme. It also allows them to break buildings in seconds as well as make their reitsu turn a deep black. It then at the end of its duration or on the whim of the user ends in a powerful blast that drains the user's energy. (Lasts five posts until trained to be longer. Max is fifteen posts and instantly cancels out bankai. Also the name Death's Hand is ownd by Jade Empire and its creators.)

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Post  SenSen neko arrancar on Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:31 pm

hm nice i say its all in order.... aprooved ^^
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